Seedling (or, I love my wacom)

I’ve had a Wacom at work for a few years now – and I’m ashamed to admit it was just a very expensive mousemat the majority of the time. But a month or so ago I thought I’d brave having a go, just for fun, after a bit of prompting from a friend in Sydney. Well, now I wish I’d picked it up before – I love it. Here’s a little snippet of the illustration I did with it that day (that some of you may have seen in a campaign for a certain cultural institution). Hope you like it!

A little seedling


I’m back!

It’s been a long time away from blogland. But I needed a break, to rest up, to re-evaluate what I wanted to do, to try and tame a black dog… and it was the right thing to do. But the last few days I have felt that itch to blog again, the thought that ‘this would make a good post’, which is a really nice thing to feel again. So here I am. A new blog and a fresh start. Let’s see what happens!

NB: I know the blog is looking a little shabby right now, so I’ll be working on that soon (pretty sad for a graphic designer!).

I’m in love…

With this room

Matthew's Home office from Apartment Therapy Unplggd

(Image from here)

That purple is just… perfect.

Now, how to convince my husband about painting my studio/study for the third time!